Chineze Xandria Anyaene

Chineze Anyaene was born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria. She graduated from Regina Pacis College Abuja and later attended the university of Abuja, Nigeria. In 2005, Chineze immigrated to Los Angeles, California and enrolled in filmmaking program at the New York Academy. While at NYFA, she was recognized for creating an outstanding epic folktale, noted as the best “foreign film” of her graduating class.


Eager to hone her skills in filmmaking and pay homage to her passion for the same, she began work in pursuit of her Master’s degree. She obtained a Master Degree in Filmmaking (MFA). Chineze stands out as the first student in history of the New York Film Academy to not only make a feature film while in school but also to receive a production sponsorship from Kodak. A first time feature director, her directorial debut IJE: THE JOURNEY has received several awards both locally and internationally including the highest grossing Nigerian film by the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) and has still remained unbeaten till date. 


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